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Why Choose Professional Installation?

A do-it-yourself approach might seem appealing due to cost savings or a love for DIY projects. However, when it comes to installing something as important (and heavy) as a garage door, leaving it up to experts is usually best.We have seen cases where improper garage door installation in Paramus lead to early wear and tear on parts or even safety hazards - both situations no one wants. Our team helps avoid these issues by ensuring precise alignment during setup and making sure all components are working together smoothly before we leave your property.

Our Approach To

Gentlework Garage Doors Services follows strict guidelines during each garage door installation in Paramus project. First off, we assess the site condition including clearance space and existing support structures which helps us plan out our work more effectively.We then remove any old doors if needed while taking care not damage surrounding areas such as driveway surfaces or adjacent walls. Once that’s done we’re ready for the actual install process which involves setting up new tracks if necessary before fitting in panels one by one from bottom upwards followed by springs cables drums brackets sensors etc


After the installation, we don't just pack up and leave. After the garage door installation in Paramus is complete, our team performs a series of tests to guarantee everything functions properly. We test the door's balance, check for any squeaking or unusual noises, make sure safety features like photo-eye sensors are operating correctly and even help set up your garage door opener.Whenever something seems off, we immediately spring into action to rectify it. That's our commitment to top-notch service.

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